Monday, February 27, 2017

Connected: Tourists provided with free SIM card in India

For the longest time, foreign tourists have found it especially difficult to get an Indian phone number. The lengthy, bureaucratic process involves submitting various documents as proof of identity and address, a photocopy of the passport that contains an official visa stamp, a supply of passport photos, and the contact details of a local reference.

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Even after all the requirements have been provided, tourists would still have to wait a couple more days for the activation of the number.

This has provided a difficult time for foreigners. For instance, when the Indian government suddenly demonetized the high-value currency, tourists found themselves stranded with essentially no cash and limited means to communicate with people who could help them.

When Indian tourism minister Dr. Mahesh Sharma visited Sri Lanka one time, he was given a SIM card. He decided to adopt the measure in his home country to guarantee the safety of foreign tourists.

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Starting February 2017, upon arrival at airports, tourists will just need to show their passport and a copy of their e-visa to receive a pre-activated SIM card that is already loaded with 50 megabytes of data and 50 Indian rupees and will expire after one month. Through the SIM card, the user is also given access to a 24-hour government helpline that provides information in 12 different languages.

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

The astounding architectural heritage of India

The architectural wonders of India go beyond the Taj Mahal and date far back in history. In fact, many of today's modern structures may have taken inspiration from the great ruins and monuments some of which have existed since the 6th century B.C. This is a look at some of India's oldest but very influential structures from bygone eras.

Khajuraho temples. Considered one of the ingenious masterpieces of Indian Art, the Khajuraho temples were built during the Chandella Dynasty between 900 and 1130 A.D. It is believed to be inspired by the Tantric school of thought with the portrayal of the sensual and non-sensual union of male and female images. These simply assert that one cannot exist without the other.

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Sun Temple, Konark. A tribute to the Sun God, the Konark Temple is an exemplary work of art from the 13th century. The intricate mammoth sculptural work is built to resemble the god's chariot, which has 24 stone-carved wheels and is drawn by seven stone horses.

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Ajanta and Ellora caves. The caves are replete with stone-carved sculptures and paintings that feature Buddhist symbols and images. These were built by many Buddhist monks over a long period and may have begun in 200 B.C.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Places to visit and reasons to get that Indian visa now

Everyone knows about the Taj Mahal. It’s far and away the most popular tourist attraction in India. But what many people don’t know, however, is that India is filled with captivating places that visitors will never forget. Here are some of them.


The capital of Rajasthan is also called the Pink City. It’s famous as a tourist city and as an education hub. The history in Jaipur is deep, with dozens of forts and monuments that show remnants of the colorful and dramatic past of India. It also has a lot of magnificent hotels for tourists.


The beaches in Goa are nothing short of breathtaking. Nine out of 10 tourists who visit Goa do so for the beach experience. A lot of residents in Goa are foreigners who stayed because of the relaxing ambiance of the place. Life is easy here.

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What was once upon a time one of the most beautiful places on the planet has been tarnished by terrorism. Kashmir was aptly named “Heaven on Earth” because it was home to the Himalayan mountain ranges.


There are very few places in India that rival Kanyakumari when it comes to the horizon come dusk or dawn. The sunrise and sunset here are sublime since three bodies of water – the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea, and the Bay of Bengal – frame Kanyakumari. This mystical place can even afford visitors the chance to see both the moon rise and the sunset at the same time – on different horizons!

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Dressing up for your embassy appointment

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Securing a visa to a foreign country is a task that does not seem to be taken seriously enough by many people. When matters are taken too lightly, this reflects in other behaviors that immigration officers and embassy workers from all over the world are very keen at observing. In fact, they are trained to spot such subtleties, and with even the slightest hint of doubt, a visa application can be denied. A huge way to communicate intention is in the way one dresses up.

Having a shot at getting into a different country necessitates that you exact a certain amount of regard to its gatekeepers by showing up dressed appropriately. This is specifically useful when going for interviews in embassies or other immigration exercises, in which you are to subject yourself to scrutiny for gatekeepers to decide whether or not you are worthy to come to their country.

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Dressing up for a tourist visa may allow you a certain amount of liberty in choosing to wear more relaxed clothes. But in a more stringent visa application, such as a work visa, obviously, you need to show that you are there to prove that you are worthy of working as an asset to their economy. Treat it as sacredly as a job interview and dress professionally.

No doubt, dressing in a skimpy outfit just to make a creative impression on your interviewer may not be a good idea, as this might be found to be suspicious. In some situations, this is deemed disrespectful, even having led to as far as refusal of entry to embassy premises in the past.

The embassy appointment is a business engagement where what you wear can either make or break your chances of getting that approval.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Visa denied: The common problems in securing a visa to India

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As it is an adventurous prospect to go to India, a very culturally rich destination with an even richer history, preparing for what can be a challenging visa application is a smart move. Here are some common concerns:

1. The official application form is filled out online. It is best to be prepared for your answers with complete information, because this is not an application that can be saved and returned to at a later time. It is purposely designed to be accomplished in one sitting.

2. Research on the kind of visa that you will be applying for in your attempt to enter India. While it may sound sensible that you go for a visa which, in a crude and unexamined sense, ‘sounds just about right,, some have found out the hard way that intricate details of the trip and their purpose for going to India have been showstoppers to the goal. Knowing the differences between visas greatly increases your chances of getting approved.

3. India is such a huge country. While you are approved entry by means of visa, this does not mean that you can visit absolutely any destination within the country. Some have found out the hard way that visas have restrictions in local travel. The traveler who goes on business to Bangalore, for instance, might find it a bit disheartening that he is not allowed to go on a side trip to Mumbai, due to visa restrictions, requiring him to go through another process.

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India has been a favorite destination of many Americans for a number of reasons, whether it is business, pleasure, or anything in between. It’s a nice place to visit, and maybe knowing its visa challenges is but a small sacrifice to ensure approval.

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Market and tourist visa fees: India's tourism industry to date

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India’s tourism continues to flourish, as travelers increase through the use of e-tourist visa system, which can be accessed in 150 countries. In the latest report of the Ministry of Tourism of India, the number of travelers last July 2016 skyrocketed to 219 percent compared to last year’s figures. It was recorded that there were more than 68,000 international tourists, with U.K. nationals partaking 17 percent of the statistics.

The continuous development of India’s tourism is apparent not just in terms of vacationers, but also when it comes to the number of people traveling for business purposes. In fact, The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) forecasted that the country would become a leader in business travel, contributing a great deal to its economic growth and opening up various job opportunities. For the past years, India has persistently improved its standing in the business travel market, moving up to the 10th spot.

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These news, however, don’t imply that there’s a chance for tourist visa fees to be waived. Dr. Mahesh Sharma, Minister of Tourism and Culture, stated in a recent report that although scrapping of fees is out of the question, "a broad discussion on the overall liberalization of India’s visa policy is underway."

Meanwhile, a change in hotel tariffs in Dehli may happen soon. As of press time, there’s a luxury tax imposed to city hotels, but Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government has proposed a bill to remove the said tax. The goal, as published by IndiaToday, is to make the city’s budget hotels cheaper to attract more tourists to the capital, given that most budget hotels are found in Paharganj, Karol Bagh, Mahipalpur, and Daryaganj.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Three things you need to know about visas

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A visa is a written permission given to a traveler by the intended country to visit their area for a given period. The document lists down the duration, purpose, and a number of allowed entries into that specific country. It is a criminal offense to travel to another country without a visa. There are several categories of visas one can apply for, each with their set of requirements and documentation. For all of these types, there are three crucial things one needs to know.

Each country has their due processes: It sounds obvious, yet many travelers presume that all countries are the same. Some countries prefer an entirely online application while there are others that ask the applicant also to submit letters with supporting documents. It is best to ask for a third-party service to determine specific country requirements.

Research before taking trips: Travel agencies and cruise ships offer fantastic vacation deals. They do help travelers obtain necessary visas for that exact trip. This must be emphasized. This means, for example, that a traveler has the visa to be inside a ship traveling to certain areas, but cannot get out and explore the country. Individuals who expect to explore the country may find themselves unable to do so.

Consider a consulate service: This is a more thorough process and does require a certain amount of patience on the part of the traveler. Physical appointments are necessary as well as online applications. However, the initial hassle pays off in the long run as documentation is completed sooner and the traveler can visit his or her intended country with ease.

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